Marc is a Contactee, Lucid Remote Viewer of his ET Family or Oversoul Crew reality. He is a self-aware Aspect from 12th plus dimensional Universals of The Christ Group, The IntergalacticMission, The Asteron Intergalactic Command. He is an actual 'Walk-in' who remembers entering this life completely unveiled. Ingo Swann, one of the amazing pioneers of 'Remote Viewing', identified Marc as his own Higher Self and a ‘Walk-in’ the day he met him. Ingo died in 2013 but was a very close friend for 18 years. The ETs reside on massive Arcvannas (planetary-like space craft) manifesting on 8th-22nd plus dimensions (planes of consciousness).

Marc is able to often call in interdimensional Extraterrestrial Lightships (UFOs) to be witnessed and photographed to bear witness to his ongoing contact. He has had a number of ‘physical encounters’ through his life in addition to his daily ongoing ‘lucid remote viewing’ contact with his Oversoul and Crew. He can be seen in the award winning film by James Carman, 'The Hidden Hand'. Marc's presence in the film provides the benevolent aspect of human and ET interaction. Go to IntergalacticMission.com to review some of Marc's physical encounters with the benevolent and beautiful ETs. Also check out Marc's Mystic Art of his ET family, which he draws and pastels through his highy developed mediumistic ability to 'see' them. This includes ETs, interdimensional beings and the Elemental Kingdom which is the domain of Angels and the Fairy Kingdom. He is currently writing a book on Fairies and Angels. He is also currently writing a book on ‘Omniversal Symbols’ he has been gifted to bring in at this time.

Phyllis and Marc have been together for over 40 years. She has witnessed countless UFOs and loves to say the questions she asked ‘The ET Oversoul Crew’ could fill a library of metaphysical books, especially as pertains to consciousness and spiritual evolution. Marc and Phyllis have SHARED incredible ‘lucid out-of-body experiences’ and ‘waking visions’, confirming for her the reality Marc speaks of. She handles all the technology including website building, book design, production and workshop presentations etc. She creates all the animations of UFOs that Marc shoots and says she will provide raw files to any credible organization who wants to investigate his UFO photography.

Marc and Phyllis feel it is time for the Sleeping Souls to Awaken to their own magnificent Multi-Universal Selves.


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