Valiant Thor   (June 26, 2023)

                    Regarding: New Jersey UFO event that was postponed.

INTRO: June 26, 2023, I had a 'Lucid Out-of-Body' on Ashtar's massive ship over America, with Valiant Thor. I told him that friends wanted to create a day commenmorating when he went to Howard Menger's farm, and try to make it a yearly event. He was not 100% pleased with that idea. Here is what he told me.          


“I do not want anything happening in my name, or where people may get a boosted ‘ego’ in any way.  That is not something I do and would not be a part of.  I do not want attention brought to myself, or any other person saying they are channeling me.  I do not do that and my crew does not channel.”  

“Attention should only be on the Creator and Jesus Christ.  All people should direct their prayers to the Creator and the Holy Trinity.  I am a servant of the One most High Creator.  As I said before, I do not want attention directed at myself or my past message.  It is now part of the history of the Planet Earth.”

“I came to the Earth at a time when the planet’s leaders needed to hear the different Space Counsels messages.  That time is now past.  I am still working in different ways with the Earth and the people as I do with the High Space Counsels of this Solar System and Galaxy. I have many missions in my work and Creating a holiday theme or special day in my name or about my mission is not something I would be a part of.” 

“Please let your friends know I appreciate their good intentions and thoughtfulness, but I have to decline any public display or anything that can stir up an innocent persons ego that can cause them to be targeted by negative or evil beings.” He finalized this message saying... “In the Infinite Light of Truth and Understanding, I leave you and your friends in Peace and Love.”

~ Valiant

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