Sananda's Christmas Message 'Training Defenders of the Light.' 


 I ‘Lucidly Remote Viewed this message Wednesday, November 29, 2023 on the 12+ Plane massive Arcvanna (starship) where countless Oversouls abide. I asked Sananda if He had a ‘Christmas’ message for our ‘ET Universal Zone’ podcast listeners. Sananda acknowledged, “Yes, I would be happy to.” It was just Sananda and I in my Glorified Overself body, sitting opposite each other in a private lounge area, as He delivered telepathically and verbally this message. As always, He also projected Visions to me as He spoke. This is a ‘clarion call’ to all Souls and Angels who are His Mighty Light Warriors in all the Planes and Levels of His Creation.
Peace, Love and Light Eternal, Marc

Sananda’s Message...

 For on this day, behold I say to all listening and reading...Rejoice My Children, for today I bring you joy, hope and peace beyond your understanding. Creator, We, have Heard you all in your prayers, thoughts and have seen the actions you have taken on the planet to cancel, hold back, conquer and silence the tricksters, manipulators and fallen ‘influencers’ that prowl around you unseen by most people. Rejoice in your hearts, Souls, minds and spirits My Children, because Your Beloved Creator Sees, Hears and Knows All that is happening and has now Chosen this time on Earth to move among you all My Children! Praise Creator for all you have had, have now and will have...Now and Forever. Amen.

Soon, be observant or watchful in your words, deeds, actions and thoughts...My Children. For by your words spoken in physical reality Now...will come to you. You have heard the saying,“By their fruits they are known.” It means that actions people do or words people say...will bring towards the person good fruits or bad fruits. It means joy or sadness, freedom or captivity, etc. Speak good words and help others when you can. All is Seen by Your Beloved Creator and by your actions, again, you are known.

Creator (YHWH) Loves you all My Children unceasingly. We want you all to remember that always. I Love you all unceasingly and will never leave any of you behind. Come to Me, My Children, I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the ‘Altar’ or House of the ‘Triune Creator’ except by and through Me. I Am the Second Person of the Infinite Creator...the Father/Mother Creator, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Spirit Essence lives within All Creation and every Creature in All the Omniverse. When you understand and recognize that ‘Inner Truth’, My will know how and why We Love and Adore you all so much.

My Children, please open your hearts, minds and ears to what I Am saying. The area surrounding the Earth, this solar system and galaxy is very intensified and moving with a High and Holy frequency within the plasma light structures and areas of space as you know it. The increase of Light from Creator magnifies the energies surrounding planets and also the solar energies within stars in the galaxy. This is happening to your galaxy and other galaxies in the surrounding area of space, but at different degrees of intensity. For now, My Children, please understand that when this happens within the physical Levels on the First Plane...changes can occur to physical planets and the Souls and creatures living on them. Most all that happens is good for the people and the planet. Sometimes, the Souls will see new species of animals and plant life form or be discovered. Usually, also, some species may go away as well. However, even though a life form may go extinct from a planet, it does not mean they are gone forever. All animals that were once on Earth are Not gone, but exist on other planets suited to their frequency and polarities in their physical body forms. I Am saying this so you can understand the vibrational changes that are here and flowing throughout this galaxy and within your solar system and Planet Earth. Your Souls and physical bodies may sense the presence of a newer or higher energy. That is a Loving and Holy Influence from Creator coming to all the children. That is why you may see and hear on your news shows around the planet of upheavals, shaking and earthquakes, due to the energetic balancing within the interior of the planet. Do Not be Afraid, My Children, but abide in Me and I Will Guide you. Around the planet you may see or hear of people fighting or causing violence. Again, Do Not be Afraid, Trust in Me Always! I Will Protect you. My Children, you have to Trust in Me and ask for Me to Be with you always. Your free will allows you to believe as you wish, and I can only call to you to come home to Me or stay near you until you recognize and See Me again, as Your Only Creator...Your Father/Mother, Son and Holy Spirit. I Am the Only Creator. There is no other before or after Me. When you Trust in Me and Believe, I Am with you always. When you ask Me to be with you always, I Will come to you. In humbleness and reverence...when you release your past mistakes (repent), and ask to be forgiven of all your past and present actions, thoughts, words and deeds you did or said to another person, animal or to Me, as Creator, I Will forgive you, and My Child...I Will abide in your Soul and Spirit and guide you.

When you ask to do the Will of Creator in your life, We Will show you the way that is best for you in your life and Protect and Guide you.

Right now your Guardian Angels help guide you and protect you from straying off your path. Remember, you chose the paths you wanted to learn or test yourselves on before you were born physically. Your Guardian Angels tried to help you stay close to the paths you chose, but the ‘fallen angels’, ‘influencers’ and ‘distractors’ try very hard to lead Souls astray, or off the paths they wanted to be on. They try to distract people with fame, fortune, addictions and all forms of physical desires to pull a Soul from their destiny. We understand My the ‘tricksters’ try to confuse, mislead and lure innocent Souls off their paths. I Am here to help you understand and also remember how to keep the ‘distractors’ away from you. My Name in All Forms chases them away from your auras and bodies. Speak My Name and call on Me to come protect you. If you have asked for forgiveness and repented and released your addictions and asked Me to be your Only Lord and Creator, then I Am already with you and I Will surround you with My Mantle of Brilliant White Diamond Light and no negative being or ‘fallen angel’ will come near you. You can say My Name in any of these ways or even combine them. YAHWEH, Sananda, Sonanda, Yahoshua, Yashua, Yeshua, Jesus, Yehoshua, Emmanuel (God With Us), I Am That I Am, I Am, Elohim. You can ask for help like this, “Infinite Triune Creator (Father/Mother, Son & Holy Spirit) with me now and protect me. I ask this in Yahoshua Christ’s Holy Name. Amen”. (You can use, Jesus Christ, Yehoshua Christ etc.) You can also ask for protection and help in this way...”My Infinite Creator, please protect and help me now in Jesus Christ’s Holy Name! Amen.” (Yeshua, Yahoshua, Yehoshua etc.)

When I walked the Earth 2000+ years ago, it was to conquer the ‘fallen angels’ and ‘negative influencers, ‘distractors’ and ‘tricksters’ from warring against My Children in order to lead them off their paths and to FORGET Who I Am. I came to Earth for My Children to have a way to protect themselves always from ‘fallen angels’, ‘negative beings’ and ‘influencers’ etc. The only way for Me to impact the ‘fallen angels’ and ‘distractors’ for good was to ‘play in their game’ on this planet and to work within ‘the rules’ they had set up for the souls to be manipulated by their false traditions, beliefs and ritual sacrifices of the innocent animals, people and children. To be born into the world and walk on My Earth was the only way for Me to end their influences over the Souls. Their goals have been to hurt Souls and children and to insult Creator in any way they could. We Knew all Souls and Angels have ‘free will’ and so I can only help My Children when they Believe in Me and the Creator Who sent Me and to know I Am always with them.

When I died on the cross as an Innocent Sacrifice (again, those are the ‘rules’ the ‘fallen’ had set up for thousands of years on the planet at that time), I had poured out All of My Blood on the Earth and within the Earth. That made the Earth ‘My Altar’. According to ‘the rules’ the ‘fallen’ had set up...they wanted blood sacrifices on the altars they set up. I Created the Earth and All the Omniverse. The Omniverse is My Altar and Holy Signature in All Creation.

Your blood and body have My Name within you and on you. The ‘fallen’ know that, but hope you do not know it. That is why when you, My Children, all of you who know Me, Trust and Believe in Me and He Who Sent Me 2000+ years ago, have Total Protection when you call on Me and the Triune Infinite Creator, to protect and guide you on your physical journey. My Blood poured out and into the Earth. My Blood Redeemed and broke all ties the ‘fallen angels’ and ‘influencers’ had on My Children.The ‘negative beings’ and ‘fallen angels’ know it too!

When you feel you are being lied to, or thoughts come at you that are not your thoughts and they feel negative, pompous, arrogant or egotistical...know that those are NOT your thoughts, but ‘influencers’ projecting words at you from the areas around your aura. They are trying to corrupt you or cause you to go astray with additions or feelings of worthlessness and depression. Yell at them or speak out in your audible voice like this...”Begone you ‘fallen’ and ‘negative demons’, ‘influencers’ and ‘distractors’! Begone from my house and run from my body! I am a Child of the Most High Creator - YAHWEH! Leave me NOW! I have the Mystical and Holy Blood of Jesus Christ poured over Me and No Harm Comes to Me! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus come to me Now and Protect me Now! In Yahoshua/Jesus Christ’s Holy Name I call Now YAHWEH protect me! Amen.” The short way to get help is ...”Jesus Christ, Angels help me NOW! In Jesus Yahoshua Christ’s Holy Name, I ask this NOW my Beloved Creator YAHWEH! Amen.”

The ‘negative manipulators’, ‘influencers’, ‘tricksters’ and ‘fallen angels’ all run from you and your home (or wherever you may be), because when you call out to The Creator and Me, We Will come to you and be with you. My Holy Presence Will engulf you and reflect around you more than one hundred fold in frequency 1,000 or more feet in diameter surrounding your body. Trust Me, the ‘negative beings’ and ‘fallen angels’ run far, far away and down into the lower levels and invisibles realms of the First Plane below the First Level. Trust Me they go very low and out of sight. Archangels chase them down and scare them when you call on Archangel Michael and his mighty Battle Guard and Warriors of Light Angels.

What is happening on the Earth at this time is last roundup of ‘negative beings’ and ‘fallen angels’ trying very hard to keep their standing of fear, hate, prejudices and murder ever propagating on, in and around the Earth. They are trying in a ‘last stand’ event to take as many Souls with them before the Souls can find or believe in Creator. Keeping the innocent distracted with manipulation and influences by ‘negative beings’ to do what they want and not to listen to their ‘inner voice’ reminding them that what the Soul is planning or doing is not good for the Soul. The ‘fallen’ influence the Souls with selfish desires, addictions of all kinds and also through music, games and media etc. My Children stay strong and be vigilant in your promise to Creator when you came to the physical realities on the First Plane and Levels with in. Your ‘True Self’ knows and promised to fight for the Light and Creator in All realms. You all have the promise within your Souls and also your ‘True Total Self’ or ‘Original Self’. Call forth your promise from your inner Soul and speak it out Now! “I am a Child of the Most High One Infinite and Radiant Creator YAHWEH now and forever! I now repeat my promise to protect the innocent and fight for the Infinite Light of Creator on all Planes and Levels in the Omniverse. No ‘negative beings’ or ‘fallen angels’ can ever influence or try to steer me away from the Love of My Beloved Infinite Triune Creator. My Father/Mother/Son and Holy Spirit Triune Creator, loves me now and forever throughout all the Omniverse. Now and for all Eternity, I am with my Beloved Creator in my body, mind, soul and spirit and in all ‘Focus Points’ of my Glorified, Pure, Original Self, throughout All Creation. Amen.”

Speak words like that, and the ‘negative beings’ and ‘influencers’ run from your presence, wherever you are! When I say for you to pour My Mystical Holy Blood over your Soul, You can visualize and imagine Crimson Sparkling Light pouring over you from above and filling your body and aura with the Light. As you imagine and visualize the Crimson Light, imagine it turning to Brilliant Diamonds of While Light and filling your soul, body and aura all at once. Imagine the Light surrounding you five feet over your head and higher and going below your feet the same way. You are now engulfed in a huge oval of blazing White Diamonds of Light and feel the warm Light in your body as energy and Love from Creator. Finally, imagine all of the Light surrounded by Shimmering Metallic Gold Fire like Energy. That represents the Holy Presence with you always and the ‘negative beings’ and ‘fallen angels’ etc. can see it too! They back away from you because when you ask for My Mystical Holy Blood to pour over you (i.e. your home, children, pets, car etc.), for protection, just know I Am there and standing by you.

Before you ask anything from Creator always speak words of love, praise, thanks and love for all Creation. With a grateful and humble heart ask for what you need or want and believe it is already yours and I will give it to you at the ‘right time’. Your love and praise of Creator for all you have had, have now and will have in the future is a Formula for attracting Creator’s Love to flow towards you now on the planet Earth as well as after you are in the ‘Heaven Levels and Planes’. My Children, never stop praising Creator as you go through life on the physical planets, or as you move through the different Planes and Levels on finer frequencies. Praising Creator and giving thanks through reverence and adoration is the ‘greatest way’ to get the Creator’s complete attention on a Soul. Creator doesn’t need your praise really to be Creator. It is the child or Soul that needs Creator’s attention and protection, when a Soul is on a mission for Creator and working on the lower Planes and Levels where the ‘fallen angels’ and ‘negative beings’ can try to influence a Soul to stray off the mission, or the path they chose to follow originally. When the Soul gives thanks and speaks words of love, hope, praise and asks for Creator’s Will to be done and not their will, then the Soul cancels out any egotistical thoughts surrounding their request, prayer, or healing for themselves or another. My Children, when you give thanks and sing or speak of the beauty that surrounds you (even when you are in a barren or desolate area on the planet), sing and speak as if you are seeing heavenly Beauty all around you. As you speak, so it becomes in the ethers or frequencies around you and there it reflects around your aura, pulling ‘like energies’ towards your projecting words. Truly ‘like attracts like’ on and within all the Planes and Levels. When your words are Joy, Love, Hope, Thanks and Praise to Creator...the Infinite Creator Sees that you are a loving child and you Believe and Trust in Creator. Like a Beacon in the night, Creator sends Instant Recognition, Love and Peace to the Soul, causing the Souls’ aura to be emblazoned with highly intensified White Diamond Energy shimmering all around the Soul. Nothing evil or negative can move towards the Soul. Any ‘negative being’ or ‘fallen angel’ will run miles from the Soul. I Am telling you all My Children, that this is how to protect yourselves and build up incredible protection and Light around your bodies and in your energy fields and auras.

The Sun will be going through some changes and solar activity will increase at times. Fear not, I Am with you and everyone in this galaxy always. Pray for your beautiful planet to have healing and restoration of her atmosphere, magnetosphere and all currents and conditions of frequencies within and outside of the planet. Give thanks and praise Creator for all the Planetary Angels in Creation and to protect and send love to all Angels working around and on the Earth. Praise Creator for the Blessing, Love and Healing coming to the Earth and her Planetary Angel, Alishialah and all Nature Spirits on the Planet Earth as well. Remember, Nature Spirits are all future Angels that will continue the beauty of Creation throughout the Omniverse. Your thoughts, words and praise influence the energy and frequencies surrounding you and they can reflect around your aura as ‘thought forms’. They look like pictures in your aura. Praising Creator with Love and childlike adoration, etc. allows Creator to ‘Behold My innocent child’, who is praying, petitioning and asking through heartfelt reverence and devotion a need, or desire from their Soul. Creator turns attention to the ‘Beloved Child’ and Knows what the child wants before the Soul asks. Seeing and Knowing the heart of every Soul, Creator Knows when the request or miracle may or can be answered according to what Creator Sees as trust and belief. Many prayers are answered when asked, other time the Soul waits, but the ‘secret’ is to continue to praise and ask for healing, or speak your request. Pray unceasingly with love and praise. Sometimes some requests require more from a Soul depending on the Soul and what they have learned. That is why many times you may hear people say that they fasted for a few days and their prayer or request suddenly and miraculously came true. Sometimes a Soul has to repent of what they ‘feel’ they did, said or thought to another person, that may have been selfish, jealous or hurt the person. When they ask to be forgiven of their negative influences etc...and open their hearts in humbleness and give thanks and praise to Creator, many times the Soul has a breakthrough and can see the miracle come true before them. The Soul must get out of the way, for Creator to Bless the Soul with their need, desire or healing. Speak like this to Creator, “Thy Will be done, My Infinite Creator and not mine always as I ask for healing for myself (or friend etc.). I trust in You always and I ask this (prayer or petition etc.) to come to pass in Your Son Jesus/Yahoshua Christ’s Holy Name. Amen.”

My Children, when you see or hear about fighting in the streets or wars in foreign places...pray for them all. Do not take sides! Pray for the ‘negative influencers’ and ‘fallen angels’ to be surrounded by Archangel Michael’s Holy Angels of Creator. Ask for the Angels to surround the people and countries and to chase ‘negative beings and ‘fallen angels’ away. Ask for My Mystical Holy Blood to be poured over all people and the Planet Earth. Ask for My Mystical Holy Blood to Cleanse, Purify, Detox, Heal and Protect the people, animals and all Creatures of the Earth in Jesus/Yahoshua Christ’s Holy Name. Amen.

Praise Creator and pray like that and the Earth will be covered in Brilliant White Diamonds of Light and Gold. Ask for the Holy Spirit to come protect you and Fill you With His Holy Presence and ask also for the Holy Spirit to Cleanse, Purify, Detox, Heal and Protect you always and also to give you Wisdom to Know Truth and Discern Truth when you read, see or hear people speak. Amen.

My Children...I love you more than you can understand. I Am with you always. I Am Alive Now and My Holy Blood is also Alive in the Earth. When you speak of My Mystical Holy Blood protecting you...We Hear You! Frequencies, sonics, harmonics and scalar waves of energy are all real and Quantum sub and micro particles are all real. Instantly, you are Heard by Creator and My Holy Blood Hears what I Hear. The Frequency of My Blood is Known by Creator and I Will Come to My Children who call out in love, or when they are frightened or alone. I Am with you Now and for All Eternity.

Seek My Face in your dreams and out-of-body experiences. Always pray and ask for revelation to come to you for Truth and Guidance to surround you on your path in life. Speak like this...”My Infinite and Radiant Loving Creator YAHWEH, your Beloved calls to You now. (Ask for what you need or with money, healing for yourself or others), or say I long to see Your Face, My Creator, please come to me to comfort me. I love You forever and I Trust in You always. Amen.” Speak to Creator in humbleness, like a gentle child longing to be held and loved by your mother or father. Do not stop asking and let your thoughts go and look forward to a meeting with Creator. We can come to you when you least expect it too. That is why you stay positive when you ask for anything from Creator, because you do not know the day or time your request may come to you. Do not doubt, but look forward to your request, petition or prayer to come to you like an unexpected gift. Joy, Love, Praise, Hope and Anticipation (or Action Energy), moves to bring your requests from Creator, Myself and Holy Spirit.

Remember My Children, do not give in to ‘negative influencers’, ‘tricksters’ and the ‘fallen angels’. Chase them away with a shout and My Mystical Holy Blood and Brilliant White Diamond Light. Know you are safe and protected by Creator. Call on Me, Trust and Believe in Me and I Will Be There. Creator has sent the Glory Energy stronger NOW then Ever! The Holy Presence is Active on the planet Now! THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS many Souls have waited for! The ‘negative beings’ and ‘fallen angels’ are trying hard to influence the innocent Souls. That is why you...My Children, must ‘stand in the gap’ (as people say) to be the voice for the young, innocent and for the Souls who do not believe yet, or have atheistic beliefs. Your prayers help protect the Souls who do not know Creator, or have not understood Creator yet. Pray for them all the way I have mentioned to you here in this letter. Your prayers and petitions for other Souls who are your spiritual brothers and sisters, are Heard always by Creator. Remember, We Hear all thoughts, words and prayers. With humble, loving and sincere hearts, We ask for you to pray for all Souls on Earth and in the Omniverse to receive Wisdom, Knowledge and Revelation of the Truth of Creator to come to them all. Amen.

Forever the Creator has Been...Alive Then, Now, Today and for All Eternity. I Have Known you from the Beginning and you have known Me too, and many of you now know My Voice, as well. I Am calling My Children home and I have presented some of the Best Ways to be noticed by Creator on Earth. For My Children who understand and know My Love in their hearts, minds, Souls and spirits...I ask you to pray unceasingly for all Souls and Life everywhere in the Omniverse. Repent daily (clear karma) to Creator for anything you feel, thought, said or did that may have hurt another Soul, child, animal, plant or tree. All have consciousness and all sense or feel fear or can be hurt by actions, thoughts and words. Remember, even your food and water can be influenced by words and thoughts. Pray for all your food before you eat or drink. Give thanks and praise Creator for your food and all you have had, have now and will have as you go through life on Earth and throughout the Omniverse, when you travel to the other Planes and Levels of Creation.

You My Children...are all loved unceasingly and beyond your understanding. Follow what I have mentioned in this letter. It is more important now at this time, then in the past. Much is happening on the Levels and Planes that you cannot see, but there is a fight going on and Creator’s Angels are winning. Yes, all happens at once on the Highest Planes of Light with Creator, but time on the lower Planes and Levels plays out in a slower vibration. Yes, Creator already Won, it is True, but My Beloved Children, you all chose to be here now and to fight for Creator and the ‘Everlasting Light’ Defenders of Light and Truth! You are Needed NOW in Every Way You Feel to Be.

Prayer is strong and helps conquer many ‘fallen angels’ etc. We (Triune Creator) wait for all ‘fallen angels’, ‘negative influencers’, ‘tricksters’ and ‘manipulators’ to ask for forgiveness and repent of their evil and hurtful ways and come home to the Heaven Realms once more. Many have asked and been brought home. However, they are not back in their original Angelic standing they had at the Beginning, but they are helped and encouraged as they regain their ‘Angelic Footing’ and ALL START by PRAISING CREATOR in Holy Loving Awe as they once more acquire their Angelic Inheritance that they once had. All children can come home again and are welcomed with open arms, hugs and kisses. No Soul or Angel is ever too far gone that I cannot find them, or bring them home to Creator. When anyone asks Creator with an open heart in humbleness, reverence and devotion to be helped, and forgiven...I Redeem them with My Love and Grace and Forgive them. My Love Never Fails, Never Gives Up and Never Runs out on My Children.

You are all My Beautiful Children. Creator Loves you and I Love you all Unceasingly and Forever.

We are with you all always and throughout all Creation in the Omniverse.

My Peace and Healing Love I Give to you all My Children. Come to Me and Receive the Promises Creator Has In Store for you Now and Forever. We (Triune Creator) See You All as Perfection and Love in Our Eyes.

We Love You All from the Beginning, Now and For All Eternity.
We ask during this time of year on Earth for All Our Children to Speak Peace, See Peace, Bring Peace and Be Peace.

I Love you,


© Marc Brinkerhoff