Sananda’s Easter 2023 Message   (April 6, 2023)

                                       ‘My Children need to seek My Face.’

INTRO: I ‘Lucidly Remote Viewed this message Thursday, April 6th, 2023 on the 14th Plane massive Arcvanna (starship) where countless Oversouls abide. Sananda appeared in front of Phyllis and I where we were sitting on a small sofa big enough for four people. We were in a small room off of a long corridor hallway with a 200 foot floor to ceiling window on the right side. Sananda was smiling and wearing a medium blue shimmering spacesuit. He projected to us with long Golden hair, blue eyes, and bronze golden skin tones. Sananda knew I was typing this info down and he was now sitting opposite Phyl- lis and I in a beautiful oval shaped futuristic chair. I typed what He said to me in telepathy and spoken words as I watched Him speak. We asked Him if He had a ‘Good Friday’ message for our ‘ET Universal Zone’ podcast listeners. Sananda acknowledged, “Yes, I would be happy to give a message of love, hope and joy to all of My ‘children’.” Remember, we All are His ‘children’. ________ Peace, Love & Light ~ Marc

                                              SANANDA'S MESSAGE

“This message is for all My Beloved ‘children’ everywhere and within all Planes, Densities, Levels, Dimensions and Realms in all of the Omniverse. I will focus to My ‘children’ on the planet Earth for this message, even though it is for all My ‘children’ everywhere.” (He said smiling.) “‘We’ (Infinite Triune Creator), Know your thoughts and feelings as you journey through lifetimes and within all heaven realms. You are never alone, please remember that. No matter what the fallen beings try to whisper to you, ‘We’ are with you. Remember, ‘We’ can NOT overtake your belief systems. You all have ‘free will’ and can choose to not believe ‘We’ are Here with you, or not. ‘We’ Will follow you and not intrude, ‘We’ wait for you to believe, acknowledge ‘Our’ existence and ask for help, or a ‘sign’. When you ask for the Creator to come towards you with Love and Trust in your heart, ‘We’ will move towards you ‘Our’ beloved child...with great fervor! ‘Our’ Joy is your Joy, ‘Our’ Love and compassion is endless for all of ‘Our’ beloved ‘children’.”

“Souls choose to take on many challenges and tests before they set up a place to be physically born on the Earth. Not all challeng- es are negative either. Many Souls choose to have a life mixed with loss, prosperity, love, family and emotional ups and downs. Why do we choose the challenges you may wonder? Well, many Souls want to learn how to stop negative influences on the First Plane. They want to learn how to be protectors of other Souls and work along with Angels. The Souls want to be able to chase away ‘negative beings’ (‘We’ call tricksters, influencers and distractors), and be strong in their spirit to confront and chase away any negative beings on any lower Plane and Level.”

“Many Souls have faced challenges they set up in their lifetimes and all have passed. No matter what a Soul has faced in a lifetime, many have done everything they know and focused to do good, and had love of Creator in their hearts and souls. ‘Our’ mercy is endless and ‘Our’ compassion is overflowing to all of ‘Our’ beloved ‘children’. ‘We’ Know ‘Our’ ‘children’ are being manipulated by ‘fallen’ angels and other beings as they walk on Earth. Always ask Creator to forgive those people who have hurt you in any way. Also, ask to forgive the ‘fallen beings’ who may have been ‘pushing’ people to hurt you through their demonic influencing ‘whispers and shouts’, which they direct towards the energy field (or aura) of a Soul. My ‘children’, you do not truly know what is surrounding you as you walk your path in life. Remember, I Am with you always. I long for you to call to Me and ask Me to Live in your heart. When you do...I Will Surround and Fill you with My Love and Protection.”

“‘We’ Know when a Soul is in a fearful, or depressed state and that they are not thinking of calling out to ‘Us’ for help. Many times your Guardian Angels will try to remind you to call out for help to Creator. ‘We’ also Know that many Souls are lacking belief, faith, trust and may doubt ‘We’ exist at all. Please know that Creator understands what you are going through and Will send Loving energy to you, and ‘Angels of Peace’, ‘Angels of Hope’ and ‘Angels of Comfort’ to be near you. Please remember, it is always your ‘Free Will’ to believe, and to open your heart in trust and faith to Infinite Creator, Who Eternally Loves you unceasingly.”

“My ‘children’ when you trust in Me and I Am in your heart, ‘We’ are ‘friends’ and work together as My ‘partner’ (also called ‘Bride’ in ancient scriptures...not meaning a male, or female, but My ‘Beloved Child’). I share with My ‘friends’ information and Teachings as I have done in the past and present with My Prophets. Yes, you ALL are My ‘children’ and ‘We’ Love you unceasingly forever, and Never forget that. As My ‘partner’ and ‘friend’ you are My ‘Beloved child’, and My ‘close friend’.”

“‘We’ are asking ‘Our’ ‘children’ to Seek ‘Us’ in your contemplations, meditations, lucid dreams and during Soul Travel. Pray and ask that you long to Seek Creator’s Face and look forward with love and anticipation, because ‘We’ come to you when you least expect it. ‘We’ (as Triune Creator), can also come to you in a waking vision, lucid dream state, or in an out-of-body heavenly experience. When a Soul asks to ‘Seek My Face’, it is the Best way for ‘Us’ (Creator), to have a ‘personal’ connection and a relationship with ‘Our’ ‘child’.”

“My Beloved ‘children’, the world as you know it is changing and for the better. There is usually some turmoil before the Light shines forth. Trust Me, goodness is coming to the Earth and with it Abundance in Many ways for ALL My ‘children’. Some of you may have heard ‘the GLORY is coming’! Well, I say to you NOW, the GLORY is here and has been for many years, and ‘It’ (The Holy Presence) is manifesting Now more Powerfully than ever before! My ‘children’, the ‘floodgates’ are Opening Now and Prepare for your Divine Inheritance to flow to you!”

“My ‘children’, please listen closely to what I Am going to tell you Now. You Can have an ‘Experience’ with Creator and Me when you Practice All of the Teachings in this ‘Message’!”

“My Dear ‘children’, you have Never been forgotten and you have Never been alone. Souls have turned away from ‘Us’, but ‘We’ have Never turned from ‘Our’ ‘children’. ‘We’ wait for ‘Our’ ‘children’ to call out to ‘Us’ and when they do, ‘We’ Never let them go! ‘We’ Treasure Each and Every one of ‘Our’ ‘children’.”

“The world may look confusing right now, but I Am With you Always. Pray now more then ever for all people on the Earth. Pray also for people to ask for forgiveness for all people who have hurt others. Pray that Souls soon ‘repent’ (which is also a releasing of karma), of their past, present and future misconducts, including hateful words, actions and thoughts they had towards themselves, and others. Creator Has Mercy and Compassion for all ‘children’, and Creator sends Grace and Forgives all ‘children’ who ask from their heart and soul.”

“It is true that ‘fallen angels’ and ‘negative beings’ are being controlled and cast out by My ‘children’, who have awakened to understanding and when using My Name (Yahoshua Christ, Jesus Christ, Yeshua Christ, or Sananda Christ), that nothing is impossible with Creator. The ‘fallen angels’ and ‘negative beings’ are cast out and run away from you, when you Declare My Name and speak that My ‘Holy Blood’ IS your Protection.”

“Always praise and give thanks to Creator for all you see, all you have now, all you have had, all you will have in the future, and for all life everywhere in the Omniverse. Try singing a song of praise to Creator. You can make it up and like a joyful in your heart. Speaking and singing Praise is a beautiful way to get the attention of Creator! Also, ‘fallen angels’ and ‘negative beings’ cannot stand a Soul praising Creator, they flee from you! Do not doubt and stay strong in your beliefs and trust in Creator always.”

“When your thoughts are on Me and the Infinite Creator, no harm will come to you. Trust in Creator always, be personal and speak or pray like you are talking to your father, mother, sister, brother, or best friend. ‘We’ Hear All prayers, thoughts and words. ‘We’ Know your heart and soul. Therefore, Seek Creator and make peace if you feel lost, sad or alone. Sincerely say you are sorry for any misdeeds, thoughts, transgressions, or actions that may have hurt others and ask for forgiveness and Mercy. ‘We’ overflow with Mercy and Freely Give to ‘Our’ ‘children’ Always, who sincerely Seek ‘Us’. Finally ask Creator to give you peace in your Soul, understanding and Wisdom as you go on your journey through life in all of the Omniverse.”

“‘We’ send you All Love and Blessings through your Holiday Celebrations.”

“‘We’...I Love you with All of My Heart My ‘children’. I Am with you forever. Never forget you are Loved Unceasingly by Infinite Creator.”

“My Peace I Send to you, My Peace I Give to you All My ‘children’.”

Love Eternally,


                                                                                                                                      © Marc Brinkerhoff