Sananda's Message ~ You are a Masterpiece of Love  (August 30, 2023)


INTRO: I ‘Lucidly Remote Viewed’ this message from Sananda on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. Phyllis and I were discussing topics for our upcoming Bob Brown and ET Universal Zone shows, both scheduled for Friday, September 1, 2023. While we were talking, suddenly my ‘True Self’ tuned in to me from the Arcvanna (12th PLANE), where he and a few members of my ET Crew were in a private meeting with Sananda. At that moment Sananda’s Face surrounded by brilliant White with Gold energy, filled my head! I told Phyllis what I was seeing and she excitedly asked if Sananda might have a brief message for our upcoming shows. Sananda said, “I’d love to.” So I got my pad and pen and started writing down His Divine Inspiring Words. Peace, Love & Light ~ Marc



My Beloved Children, We Hear your prayers and voices calling for help and justice. We Know all that is happening on the Earth and in space. There are no secrets, We See everything! The people planning the ‘events’ they set up to control and frighten My Children, are now ‘trembling in their souls’. Stand strong My Children, do not let fear enter into your aura and Trust in Me always. I Will Cover you and Protect you, call on Me and Trust in Me! Every day give thanks for all you have and PRAISE CREATOR and ask for what you need in My Name.

Soon the time is coming when people on Earth will sense there is more! They will Feel the Love of Creator in their Souls! My Answer to My Children is the Light within them will Shine Forth! I AM Surrounding My Children and I AM Shinning from within them!

I AM Their Hope, Inspiration, Rescue, Redemption and Salvation. I AM That I AM! I AM their All, their Everything Now and for All Eternity!

Your Love and Praise in your heart, Soul, body and mind for Creator, is returned to you in many ways beyond your understanding. For now My Children...just know you are Seen and Heard by Your Beloved Creator Always and Forever. Your love is returned to you in all your ‘Focus Points’ in Creation by Creator in ‘Glorified, Loving Light’. The ‘Glorified Light’ is ‘Food for your Soul’. It is sent to you, appears in your ‘Energy Field’ and can be seen by others. Most importantly it can be seen by the ‘fallen ones’ and other ‘negative beings’, We call ‘distractors’, ‘influencers’ and ‘tricksters’. It is a signal to ‘them’ that you as a Soul, will be hard to steer off your course. Keep Creator as your Focus or the One Who Guides you home in Truth and you will not go ‘off course’. Stay positive in life and help others. When your thoughts are on Creator as the Trinity and Love, as well as listening within for promptings of ‘Creator’s Voice’ and ‘Holy Will’ for All Our will notice you will not be distracted to focus on yourself. When you are helping others, the focus again is off of you or selfish desires. Give Thanks to Creator and ask for what you want or need in My Name, and they will come to you at the ‘right time’. It may not be the ‘Timing’ you wanted always, but usually your desire...if it is good for your growth and understanding, will come to you. Creator wants only the best for Its’ Children and sometimes what a Soul feels it wants now, is not what is good in the long run. Creator Sees the outcome and will Hold back a desires’ timing to benefit the Children (Souls) as discipline, protection, training, or as a lesson to be stored as knowledge.

My Beloveds, please...start today! Start Now and Praise your Loving Creator sending love, gratitude and thanks for all Creation, for all you see and all you have had, have now and will have. Imagine being surrounded by Brilliant White Light as you are being Lovingly Embraced by your Beloved Creator. Remember, Creator has no favorites. All Creation is Loved by Creator, All is Cherished and Loved beyond your understanding. If you have hurt others in your mind, with your words or in any way, ask now to be forgiven in your heart, mind and Soul. Creator Knows your heart and Soul. Nothing is hidden, but the Soul who asks truly from their heart and is asking for help and forgiveness, will be forgiven always. Trust, Trust in your heart and Soul you are heard, and know you are forgiven and toss out the ‘negative thoughts’ projected by the ‘negative beings’. Their lies and distractions are many to try to pull and steer a Soul off their path in life. Send ‘them’ away with My Name and Know that I Stand With you and By you. The ‘fallen ones’ and ‘negative entities’ run from you and your energy field when they see Me and My Angels beside you, and Creator’s Glory magnified around you and through you. I AM Your Savior and a ‘Spiritual Weapon’ against them and all who come against you to threaten, or harm you in any way. My Grace Surrounds you and Protects you too. When you stand firm in your Faith and Trust in Creator, you have a Massive Glowing Shield of Light and Protection as well as a Reflection of My Love and Presence in your energy field and Soul. Trust in Me Always, I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, now and forever.


Creator will never forsake you My Children. You are Never forgotten. We are with you always in your life now and forever. On all the Soul journeys you choose...I AM there with you forever. Remember to ‘Seek My Face’ in prayer, reverence and devotion. Praise Creator always, for remember My Children...My Infinite Light is also your ‘Spiritual Energy’ and ‘Food’, so to speak, within all Frequencies, Levels, Planes and Dimensions. Creator comes to the Children in different ways that the Children can understand. In humbleness ask to ‘see’ Creator in your dreams as a ‘Vision’ or ‘Holy Presence’. Creator can come to Soul in many ways, in ‘Essence’. You can feel the ‘Holy Presence’ near you as Blissful Love through your whole being and Soul. Pure Love as a White Light Reflection that fills your body and Soul with euphoric Love of Creator, Myself and the Holy Spirit. We Love you unceasingly! Always stand strong in your Soul. You have come to Earth now for a reason. All Souls coming to physical dense planets on the First Plane are strong, brave and desire to help their brothers and sisters find their paths in life, and return to the Heavenly Planes of love, joy, peace and be Embraced by the Creator’s Love and Holy Light.

While on dense planets on the First Plane, My Children stand strong in your Truth and know you are a Child of the Most High and Only Infinite Creator. Ask to be guided and seek in your heart to do the ‘Will of Creator’. Listen within for direction, words, inspiration, guidance and give Thanks and Praise daily...then observe what happens in seconds, minutes, hours, days and years to come. Miracles happen all the time, but many go unnoticed by My Children. We Love you, I Love you unceasingly now and forever. We Are with you today, tomorrow and for always.

Go forth and shine Brightly the Love you hold for all Creation in your Souls, My Children, as the ‘Glory of Creator’ fills you now and all the Earth, that is Shinning for all to see!

My Beloved Children, you are a ‘Masterpiece of Love’ throughout Creation. We Treasure you all! Seek a Personal Relationship with Creator and We Will come to you. We Are now and have always Been here for you. We have never left you...however, My Children have forgotten Us many times, but they always come home. Let that time be now, We are waiting for you My Children.

 We Adore you all and Love you all unceasingly forever My Children. You all are Our Beloveds, as We are yours.                                                                                                  

My Peace I Give you and in Peace I leave you My Beloveds.

~ Sananda


‘Focus Points’ is Sananda’s term for ‘Aspects’ of a ‘True Self’ experiencing life in different Planes, Levels, Dimensions and Frequencies throughout the Omniverse in All Creation.

                                                                                                                                                               © Marc Brinkerhoff