12-1-23 Sananda's Christmas Message - 'Training Defenders of the Light'

 I ‘Lucidly Remote Viewed this message Wednesday, November 29, 2023 on the 14th Plane massive Arcvanna (starship) where countless Oversouls abide. I asked Sananda if He had a ‘Christmas’ message for our ‘ET Universal Zone’ podcast listeners. Sananda acknowledged, “Yes, I would be happy to.” It was just Sananda and I in my Glorified Overself body, sitting opposite each other in a private lounge area, as He delivered telepathically and verbally this message. As always, He also projected Visions to me as He spoke. This is a ‘clarion call’ to all Souls and Angels who are His Mighty Light Warriors in all the Planes and Levels of His Creation.

 CLICK HERE FOR SANANDA'S MESSAGE - Sananda's Christmas Message 'Training Defenders of the Light.'  
8-30-23 Message from Sananda ~ You are a Masterpiece of Love

I ‘Lucidly Remote Viewed’ this message from Sananda on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. Phyllis and I were discussing what we should teach on our upcoming Bob Brown and ET Universal Zone shows, both scheduled for Friday, September 1, 2023. While we were talking, suddenly my ‘True Self’ tuned in to me from the Arcvanna (12th PLANE), where he and a few members of my ET Crew were in a private meeting with Sananda. At that moment Sananda’s Face surrounded by brilliant White with Gold energy, filled my head! I told Phyllis what I was seeing and she excitedly asked if Sananda might have a brief message for our upcoming shows. Sananda said, “I’d love to.” So I got my pad and pen and started writing down His Divine Inspiring Words.

6-26-23 Message from Valiant Thor
June 26, 2023, I had a Lucid Out-of-Body on Ashtar’s massive ship over America, with Valiant Thor. I told him that friends wanted to create a day commemorating when he went to Howard Menger’s farm, and try to make it a yearly event.  He was not 100% pleased with that idea. Here is what he told me.
4-7-23 Easter Message - Sananda - My Children need to seek My Face
I ‘Lucidly Remote Viewed this message Thursday, April 6th, 2023 on the 14th Plane massive Arcvanna (starship) where countless Oversouls abide. Sananda appeared in front of Phyllis and I where we were sitting on a small sofa big enough for four people. We asked Him if He had a ‘Good Friday’ message for our ‘ET Universal Zone’ podcast listeners. Sananda acknowledged, “Yes, I would be happy to give a message of love, hope and joy to all of My ‘children’.”

2-25-23 Sananda’s Message ~ ‘I Am with you’ Dictated to Marc Saturday, February 25, 2023.
Phyllis and I were sitting on the sofa talking about Prophecy on this day, when Sananda came in and interrupted my consciousness audibly saying, "Behold, for on this day, I say to you." I said to Phyllis amazed, “Sananda just tuned in and wants to give us a message.”  After trying to write what I was telling her He was saying, she just gave me the laptop computer she was working on and said, "You type it. It will be easier."  

What makes this interaction so interesting is that we usually call on Sananda to answer questions or give us a message for our podcasts on certain holidays.  My method is that I usually go and tune up to the 14th Universal Plane and my Oversoul contacts Sananda. Then Sananda dictates to me while I ‘hand write’ with a pad and pen as I see through my Oversoul's eyes.  This time, Sananda suddenly 'tuned in' as a  clear direct vision in all His magnificent Golden, Glory Light and started talking to me with His soothing, loving voice. SEE PDF below.


1-5-23 New Year's Message ~ Sananda ~ I 'lucidly remote viewed' this message from Sananda on January 5, 2023 and read it for the first time on our podcast: ET Universal Zone on Friday, January 6, 2023. Sananda had a lot so say and provided quite of bit of teaching we think is essential, especially in these challenging times. Another MUST READ.


8-5-22 Message from Ashtar and Sananda re: Disclosure hearings that were occuring in DC May 2022. I 'Lucidly Remote Viewed' this message from Ashtar and Sananda on May 23, 2022 because I was invited to be on the New York NewLife 'UFO & Alien Panel' scheduled for June 4, 2022. The topic was 'What is really going on with Disclosure and what they haven't been telling us'.

4-1-22 Easter Message ~ Sananda
I ‘Lucidly Remote Viewed’ this message from Sananda on March 31st 2022 the night before our ET Universal Zone podcast. He titled it ‘RENEWAL’. It was far more comprehensive and revealing than anything He ever dictated to me previously. All we can say, is it is a MUST READ. Click on this icon to download or view the PDF. Peace, Love, Light, Happy Easter and Happy Spring! ~ Marc
DOWNLOAD OF PDF HERE.   © Marc Brinkerhoff ~ March 31, 2022

1-7-2022 New Year’s Message ~ Sananda
I ‘lucidly remote viewed’ this message from Sananda on January 7, 2022 just before our monthly podcast. Peace, Love & Light ~ Marc

Taleya Aeylioth (pronounced: TAH-LAYA A-LEE-OATH) Means “Greetings, Welcome”! Sah-yalah (pronounced: SAH-YAY-LAH) Means: “Listen closely”
‘We’ (Creator) know your hearts beloveds. Do not fill your minds with fear and negative images. Contemplate NOW on Creator. You are loved unceasingly by Creator. Contemplate on the Three-Fold Creator. Father-Mother, Son & Holy Spirit. All are the same and are One Creator with slightly different identities or personalities when coming towards Angels or Souls (children of Creator). The ‘FREE WILL’ of ALL beings (Angels and Souls) is respected by Creator. A Soul or person has the ‘free will’ to accept or reject the Infinite Creator as The Creator projects a ‘Reflection’ of Itself to Souls or ‘Children of Creator’. Creator is gentle, loving and subtle when coming close, in a personal way to one of It’s children. Creator watches and listens for acknowledgment and for a child to recognize the Creator, the same way a mother or father comforts their child.

I Am asking for you all to contemplate Creator NOW, EVERY DAY. With your words spoken out loud with your voices, My beloveds, in thanks, gratitude, love and thoughts spoken out loud in prayer and song, you will feel the Creator’s Focus come towards you. The energy and aura of your body will increase and shine extremely Brilliant in White and Gold shinning Light. The Holy Presence of Creator will come towards a soul in the way each person can sense and receive It. Love embraces all children of Creator on all levels and dimensions. On physical planets within the densities of the First Plane (like you all here on Earth now are standing or sitting, He said with a smile), the Love of Creator comes to all always. However, the children may be blocked from sensing or feeling the Love, because of the ‘negative and fallen beings’ influences over their minds through media of all kinds, books, news, movies and more.

Children...all listening, no matter your age at this time on this physical planet...know this and please remember it always. You are loved beyond your understanding. You are a child of the Infinite Creator. You are not forgotten and have never been alone. Creator loves all the children, even those fallen into negative and dark thoughts. Creator knows the ways of the ‘fallen beings’ and how they manip- ulate the children (all people). They pretend and trick the children through...vanity and pursuit of self-aggrandizement, ways of physical pleasures on dense planets where ‘they’ take the ‘energy’ from the people to gain energy for themselves. That is through people pursuing selfish desires, drink and hallucinogenic drugs. If you could see what the fallen and lower trickster beings look like around a person who is being manipulated, or even slightly possessed by one of them, you would run and call out to Creator to help you quickly!!!

These are the planes the fallen were cast to and the children or souls chose to come to and challenge themselves. Many of them have said to Me, they had hoped not forget who they are as children of the Most High Creator. They wanted to come to the dense physical realities to strengthen and challenge themselves to be like warriors for Creator on these low physical levels and be able to control the manip- ulation of the ‘dark forces’ (lower beings, fallen beings, etc.). Your words spoken with conviction in your mind, heart and soul and focused on love and unfailing truth of Creator’s Love and Protection that is ALWAYS with your protection on all lower densities or physical realities below the Fourth Plane.
There are many Planes/levels created for the Children of Creator to move through. The lower levels are below the Third Plane where beings have been cast to for their attempt to try to ‘over create’ the Infinite Creator and to move higher (in their minds). That cannot happen, since ALL has been created by Creator and the children (Angels and Souls) do NOT know where Creator is within and without the Omniverse.

Most important NOW, in the Universal Time of Planet Earth (physical reality) is for the children of Earth to contemplate on Your Father/Mother Creator as the ‘Three-fold Creator’. There are NO other creators, just the ONE Creator, Father/Mother as Infinite Creator (androgynous) in Energy, never changing, Alpha & Omega. The Son (as in the Reflection of Creator), is the Reflection that comes to the Children as Personal Creator to every Angel and Soul. The Holy Spirit, The Paraclete (Advocate, Helper) Who comes to the children when called upon as the Holy Presence, in sound or scent (essence of sanctity) or Cloud of Light, as Sparkling Gold Dust or a Lucid Vision manifested in form as the Third Person of the Trinity in Golden Fire Reflection of the Holy Presence. Holy Spirit comes as a Teacher, Helper when a person is confused, and along with a person’s Guardian Angels, will help the Angels deliver a ‘sign of wonder or miracle’ if needed for the Children of Creator.

The time is here My Beloved Children of the Most High, where the Earth and your solar system are going to be going through changes and energetic frequencies will be moving throughout the galaxy. It is important now for all children on Earth and in this solar system to focus more on Creator and call out for understanding and guidance. Your belief and trust in Creator and the Holy Trinity is very important for souls to be protected from dark force interference regarding the children’s progression from the physical dense realities.

Remember, your words can change and influence the energy fields around you as you walk on a planet. Ask Creator and do not doubt, you will receive. Say always when asking, “Let it be Your Will Infinite Creator and not mine, always. Amen”. That cancels out an egotistical request. Creator answers when time is right. Creator hears all prayers and comes close to the children/people when they are Praising and Giving Thanks for all the have now, have had and will have in the future. Your energy shines brightest when you Praise and Give Thanks to Creator. That is your True Ascension Energy to contemplate on.

I leave you now with this. “I Love you all forever and unceasingly. I Am with you all always. I love you, My Children.”
© Marc Brinkerhoff


12-3-21 Approximately 7PM EST - Message received from SANANDA & SARR (‘Lucidly Remote Viewed’ by © Marc Brinkerhoff)

Holiday Message for 2021 from Sananda and Sarriless.

“Sananda/Yehoshua would like everyone to know He is always with all of us and loves us unceasingly. He’s personally coming to people individually who invite Him in.” He is also coming to those who have called out to Creator in crisis of their spiritual beliefs who are longing for truth. Sananda is saying, “Now the Biblical and different ‘end time’ prophesies are coming true (like the Blue Star Kachina, Nostradamus and others), as can be seen in the world today, where many people are hurting, homeless, jobless, or in despair and longing for answers and Truth from Creator. Draw close to Me and I will comfort you, protect you, give you strength and counsel you when you have questions.”

Sananda/Yahoshua says to all people, “We...I Hear you My Beloveds. Be still, do not dwell on the past, or fear for the future. Have faith, stand in your truth as a child of the Living Creator, Who Hears you when you cry out and longs to guide you all. When you are with Creator, Me in your Mind, Heart, Body and Soul and trust in Me...then your words have Power to change the world you see around you, to heal yourself and others and to bring forth ‘miracles’ in My Name. Your Spirit (as is all of creation), is with Creator, Me and the Holy Spirit and We Know your intent and your heart. Therefore, Praise the Creator and Give Thanks for all you have now, have had and will have in the future. As you go through life, respect and Love all people and animals as you love yourself and treat everyone kindly. The Creator comes close to the soul that praises and calls out with love, reverence and devotion. Listen to your heart where you will be guided, and know I Am with you always.”

Sananda has said He is coming back soon (but not like tomorrow). He has promised more years for the ‘children’ (that is all of us), to come back ‘home’ to Creator before the Earth goes through its’ 12,000 year cyclical changes along with our Solar System, Sun and galaxy.

At this special time of the year when people come together in honor of Sananda’s/Yahoshua’s Holy Mission on the Earth, all of us on the Arcvanna wish you a most Blessed, Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!


4-2-21 3PM EST - Message received from SANANDA on Good Friday
(‘Lucidly Remote Viewed’ by © Marc Brinkerhoff)

“Now is not the time to split your focus. You all are needed here right NOW at this time, in this moment in Universal ‘Time’, to fight for the Light to manifest. Souls/Children pray for all people on Earth, throughout the galaxies, the Omniverse and PRAISE CREATOR. We hear your prayers and know a soul’s intent, true love, devotion for Creator and helping others. Transcendence comes for a soul at the right time when heart, soul, forgiveness and impassioned love for ALL life everywhere, along with the Glory of Creator merge and engulf the soul. Love, bliss and the Glory of Creator fills a soul and transformation occurs. Therefore, stay true to yourself and know I Am with you always. My Love is for ALL My children. When I Am in your hearts and minds and your love is true to Creator, I Am with you and protect you. I love you unceasingly.” ~ Sananda



4-2-21 Message from SARR of the Intergalactic Mission on Good Friday -- “If a person’s mission is for Creator, than they do the ‘Will of Creator’, and confidentially, it would NOT be to escape their present situation on this planet, at this time in this galaxy. Right now all are needed to uplift others, PRAISE CREATOR, offer hope, forgive all souls and pray for all souls to be forgiven of their past, present and future actions that confused or hurt other souls.”

Excellent prayer taught by the 'Fatimal Angel of Peace' to the children: My version replaces the first 2 words My God, REPEAT 3 TIMES: "My Infinite & Radiant Creator YAHWEH, Yahoshua & Holy Spirit, my Beloved, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You. I ask pardon of You for those who, do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love You."
PRAISE Words can be found on this link.

3-2-21 - Message from SARR for first show. -- “The birthright of all souls is the never-ending quest for truth, knowledge and most importantly, service to Our Infinite and Radiant Creator. Oversouls never cease learning and growing in service to Creator. We LIVE in an Omnipresent Zone. No need to meditate!”


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